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Book Publishing.

This is not self-publishing.

Some aspiring authors try to self-publish, but often corners are cut and the finished book is certainly not comparable to NYT bestsellers.

Better than ghostwriting.

Ghostwriters take your idea, write, and something else pops out. This is your book, your words—literally. You are the author of your book.

  • Planning

    Detailed Book Outline.

    • First, we make sure it makes sense for you to write a book.

      Together with your book architect you clearly define what result you want from your book, who the readers are, and what you’re going to say to them that is valuable and interesting.

  • Interviews

    Candid Interviews.

    You'll talk with your interviewer times in a conversational manner to get all of your stories, ideas, and knowledge out of your head.

    They are recorded, transcribed and become the foundation of your manuscript.


  • Editing

    Manuscript Edit.

    • Your writer transforms your transcripts into book prose. They don’t add anything—these are your words, your ideas.

      Your book then goes through full professional developmental, copy and proof edits.
  • Design

    Book Design.

    You collaborate with your designers who will create the perfect cover for your book.

    Then, your manuscript interior is laid out beautifully so that your book looks and feels like a bestseller.

  • Publishing


    • Finally, you give your approval and it's time to publish.

      From buying ISBNs, to setting up your accounts, to putting your book onto Amazon—this is everything you need to get your book to your readers.
  • Your process is in many ways cathartic and inspirational. Every time we have an interview one story leads to another. I love being on this book adventure.
    Gavin C.
    NonFiction Author, Storybuilding

Turn Your Expertise & Experience Into A Book.

We’ve helped business coaches, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, experts in their field grow their endeavours by empowering them to publish their book.

  • This book is an integral part of my brand. I’m traveling so much for conferences and workshops there is no way I’d be able to get this book done without NonFiction.
    Terryn B.
    NonFiction Author, Piece By Piece

It's Time To Create Your Book.