Who Is NonFiction?

We Believe:

That everybody has a story to share. Each individual has wisdom and experience that others can learn from.

That a book is the best way to offer value to people and the best vehicle for sharing your message.

Realise that a book is an extremely powerful tool. With a simple click from Amazon, anyone around the world can find and interact with you through your book – without you having to be there.

Paul Carleton

Founder & CEO

Paul is a storyteller and we often can’t get him to shut up – that’s why Esbe does the interviewing. He loves hearing about new book ideas and encouraging people to share their stories. After running a boutique digital marketing firm he turned to the world of publishing to serve entrepreneurs and storytellers because he saw a way for people to easily share their wisdom with the world. He also loves feijoas.

Esbe van Heerden

Founder, Managing Director

As a kid, Esbe would often be found on a pile of pillows under a fluffy blanket, escaping into another person’s world through the wonder of books. Checking thirty books out of the library at a time was not uncommon; she loved reading about everything from fact books to science fiction. This infatuation has manifested into a world where she will extract the story from your head, and meticulously craft it into a page-turner. Esbe also loves dogs and will never say no to a dinner party.

It's Time To Become An Author!